If you are working to make an impact, we can transform your business culture to deliver the results that matter

Has your transformation journey lost clarity?

Are you struggling to align leadership in your team?

Is employee resistance undermining your efforts?

These are just some of the reasons why 70% of change programs fail to reach their goals.

At The Hive, our clients rely on us to guide them through change in culture and performance using our 3 step process grounded in empathy, collaboration and purposeful leadership.


Our research team uses 1:1 interviews, surveys and creative fact finding to pinpoint your challenges and define what is needed to start you on your journey. This information will then clarify how we can help you work better together and support meaningful impact.

Once we all understand where we are, we can get working on getting you where you want to be.


Once we have agreed our delivery strategy with you, our tailored programs will inspire and engage your team. Using powerful, accessible models and dynamic facilitation we continue to adapt our delivery to your emerging needs.

Using established techniques and personality mapping, we can empower your leaders to cultivate instinctive and supportive teams, whilst increasing drive and productivity.


We support the leadership and management layers from the very start, working with you to ensure new behaviours are embedded in your business culture and values.

Together we enable your teams to manage accountability, to work to their full potential, to negotiate their working environment with candour, empathy and drive to deliver a united goal.

At The Hive, we work with you to build a program of creative, tailored training and coaching supported by our proven, flagship methodologies delivered remotely or in-house.


Purpose Led Problem Solving


Purpose Led Communication


Purpose Led Leadership


Purpose Led Sales

"This is by far the best training I’ve ever had. We are now speaking one common language across teams."

Regional Sales Manager

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The Hive Change Consultancy team will help you lead your team transformation to deliver powerful and measurable results.

Chief Executive

When I was 27 I asked myself “if I had all the money I could ever want, what would I want to do with my life?” I didn’t have the money, but I did it anyway. And I discovered I am passionate about, and highly addicted to, making an impact.

That’s why I started The Hive - to get people working better together in business to bring clarity and resolution to the gritty challenges every business faces but can’t always see a way through.

Businesses make the biggest impact in the world, but now the world is making a huge impact on businesses. Change is here and we have to adapt to survive.

There’s no denying that managing change in complex stakeholder environments is tough, but it’s also an opportunity to improve profitability, engagement and innovation. It’s a chance to do better, and when executed well, holds the power to make a real difference.

At The Hive, that’s what we thrive on. Other than that, I’m all about family, Tuscany, the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira and staying connected to the world around me.

Research Director

Caterina is an experienced researcher with the skills to find and communicate valuable insights that help The Hive shape tailored training solutions for its clients.
Her journey as a researcher began in the not-for profit sector at Oxfam and carried on at London based research think tank nfpSynergy. Over the years, she has managed anumber of market and social research projects for a range of organizations such as The Federation of Small Businesses, Parentkind, Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Research, Care International and The Outbound Trust amongst others. In addition, her experience of direct sales and client management helps her to create a real empathy with teams, leading to even more valuable insight.
Caterina holds an Economics degree from Cambridge University. When she hasn't got her head deep in data, she trains and teaches Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art which she has been studying for the past 15 years.
Caterina is a firm believer in the power of research and insight to guide organisations through their strategic choices; she loves working for The Hive as she is able to put her skills at the service of organisations that care deeply about the development and growth of their staff.

Business Transformation Consultant

Jess cut her teeth in the training industry at the start of her career, where she consulted strategically with corporate clients to deliver on their leadership, communication and sales training requirements, eventually leading a sales team to hit targets during the recession. Since then, Jess has managed global client accounts from Unilever to Google across a range of industries including brand strategy and innovation, commercial packaging design and corporate private healthcare. Jess's passion for supporting business leaders to deliver on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit has led her full circle back to the change consultancy landscape. In Jess's words, "landing a role at The Hive where inspiring vision is matched by the capability, talent, and passion needed to fulfil that vision was a meant-to-be-moment in her career". Where's Jess's head at when it's not in The Hive? Most likely upside down on a yoga mat, buried in some nutrition textbooks, or dreaming a new adventure into reality...

Gemma Aston

Business Support Manager

Gemma trained as a professional actress and worked for several years in film and theatre before moving into teaching. From there, she co-founded a successful theatre company, supported change in several Arts and Community venues and headed up the Conference and Banqueting and events departments at Ironbridge Gorge Museums in Shropshire. Her experience of working in different business cultures is rich and varied, offering great insights into the complex and multi layered landscape of consultancy and training.

Gemma lives in Shropshire in the UK and is mostly found rambling through the fields in her wellies.

Charlotte Welfare

Operations Manager

Charlotte (also known as Lottie) first started her career in sales, but found her true calling in Operations after taking the leap into a new career path 7 years ago. Since then she has supported teams and businesses in building and executing process-led solutions; and providing integral logistical support to make visions come to life. A natural planner, Charlotte loves nothing more than to head up a complicated project and be able to watch it come to fruition. She brings her extensive experience in the corporate training and adult education arena to The Hive, and with it her huge array of knowledge and skills.

In her personal life, Charlotte is often the party planner for her friends, and even helps her husband to plan and run his quarterly Karate Championships and events, just for fun! She is passionate about changing the world and understands how small impact can create big change, from switching to clean energy, to avoiding fast fashion. She is dedicated to bringing this passion to The Hive and creating the change for our clients.

Davina Beattie

Business Development Manager

Davina started her career in a leadership consultancy. She worked with a range of clients and industries to up-skill their people in leadership, sales and communication. Starting as an Account Manager, Davina went on to successfully lead the sales team for 6 years and join the board of directors. She then had quite the change of sales direction! Moving into a field selling role, Davina started selling into the industrial market - we can't quite imagine her in steel capped boots and a hard hat either but she excelled in the role! Then came a fortuitous conversation between friends and Davina was hooked on The Hive and everything we stand for. She is truly invested in delivering the high quality, passionate, sophisticatedly simple methodology to organisations who are making a positive impact in the world. Outside of The Hive, she can often be found at an early morning bootcamp, eating tacos or having fun with her young, very loud family.

Mike Williams

Training Consultant

Mike is an experienced sales, management andleadership trainer with over 20 years’ experience ofworking in complex sales, from both a corporate and aconsultancy perspective.His passion is people, and the tactics, strategies andbehaviours they adopt that make them successful inwinning complex deals.After graduating in Business, his first job was in retailbanking as a Graduate Management Trainee. He thenmoved into a commercial sales role with First NationalBank, running a sales territory and developing strategicrelationships.As part of that role he began to deliver technical skills training, sparking an interest in peopledevelopment.
He has held subsequent roles in sales and consultancy, where he developed a deep understanding of leadership including frontline leadership, self -leadership, leadingchange and developing the leadership legacy; and then with Wilson Learning Worldwide where he worked with a broader portfolio of people development solutions.Since 2015 he has been running his own training and consultancy practice working with organisationssmall and large to develop their customer facing skills through sales, sales management, customerservice and leadership development programmes. During this time, he has designed and delivered anumber of bespoke training curriculums that focus on both sales and leadership. The sales elementshave covered all stages of the sales process from prospecting, field sales and through to accountmanagement. The leadership components have addressed developing flexibility in leadership, settingleadership direction, developing emerging leaders and exploring the leadership point of viewKeen to keep expanding his areas of knowledge, interest and expertise, he has also become involved indelivering inclusive leadership workshops addressing diversity and inclusion. Mike loves working for The Hive and in a collaborative environment, where no one of us is as smart as all of us!

Mhairi Guild

Research Associate

Mhairi is an experienced researcher specialising in the voluntary and social purpose sector, working across quantitative and qualitative research. She is skilled in survey design, data analysis, depth-interviews and focus group moderation, and brings high quality insight and reporting, tailored to audience and to client projects.

Mhairi’s background is a mix of agency and charity-side research and insight work for non-profit organisations. She previously led on research, monitoring and evaluation at Into Film, the national youth arts education charity funded by the British Film Institute, where she managed funder monitoring responsibilities, external evaluation programmes and supported internal evaluation and research competencies. She also worked at nfpSynergy for many years, first as a senior researcher across tracking programmes and bespoke client projects and then heading up the Charity Awareness Monitor (CAM) on behalf of over 60 charity clients. Over the years Mhairi has worked with clients including ACEVO, Action for Children, Age UK, Alzheimer’s UK, Care International, CLIC Sargent, London Music Masters, Macmillan, Parentkind, RSPB, Time’s UP UK, and Water Aid.

She now works on a freelance basis, to balance parenthood alongside her passion for supporting organisations to draw the insight they need from the avalanche of data around us - with an enthusiasm for even the minutiae of the research process and endless curiosity about where the insights lead. Working with The Hive provides the ideal opportunity to create evidence-bases that feed into informed decision-making and support real organisational change, with a lovely bunch of like-minded people.

Mhairi has a seldom-used DPhil in International Relations from the University of Oxford and since parenthood has channelled her lifelong wanderlust primarily into seeking out the strongest and best coffee in south-east London.

Deborah Sowry

Training Consultant

Deborah has been involved in sales and training for over 25 years – moving from sales and sales management into training management. She originally trained as a nurse in Birmingham working in the ITU and Surgical areas . Having a keen interest in training, and gaining experience as a mentor and assessor for NVQs, Deborah became an account manager in the medical sales industry and commenced a very successful sales career. She then held the position of Training Manager and qualified as a trainer with her Certificate in Training Practice. Since 2008 deborah has worked for a variety of training companies delivering training and is accredited to run PSS, PSC and PSN through Miller Heiman. Deborah worked as an accredited trainer for Natural training working on projects that trained companies in sales, presentation skills and negotiation skills. Deborah has worked since 2018 with Inspiramos supporting a field coaching project with a major pharmaceutical firm. Deborah is also an accredited trainer to run the IT sales apprentice course through Remit. Over the last 10 years Deborah has worked with a huge variety of companies from healthcare, IT, retail and educational companies. Deborah is a certified NLP practitioner and currently on a social psychology course and incorporates psychology into her training courses to develop the delegates in communication with their customers. Deborah in her spare time loves keeping fit and playing tennis.

Judith Klerks

Training Consultant

Judith's work has always been about bringing about positive change in people. She is an experienced trainer, coach and psychologist .

She has a firm grounding in processes of individual change and growth from 15 years of experience as a psychologist in education, mental health and hospital settings in several countries. This has served her well in subsequent roles as an HR- and training consultant where she always focused on positive change – either on an individual or organisational level. She now almost exclusively works with people who are making big changes - in their organisation, their career or their life. To the team at The Hive she brings her experience as a psychologist, coach and trainer and the sense that any change on any scale is always brought about by the individuals that make up the whole. After living in the Netherlands and New Zealand, Judith is now based in France, where she has planted a small food forest. She has been known to take zoom calls from her garden if the weather is just too nice to be miss.

Mark Hayes

Training Consultant

Mark Garrett Hayes works with technology and SaaS businesses as a sales trainer and sales coach to help teams to qualify opportunities and close deals. Mark hosts a weekly sales enablement podcast interviewing sales leaders from around the world. He is the author of Sales Coaching Essentials: How to transform your Salespeople to be published in May 2022. He is the Editor of TrainingBusiness.com. Mark is an accredited Coach | TAP Accredited Trainer and holds an MBA from Ulster University.

Mark is a keen open-water swimmer and was fortunate to sail the Atlantic in 2009 as part of a 6-person crew.

Working with The Hive's clients allows Mark to exercise his passion in helping salespeople to make breakthroughs.

Adam McGilvery

Training Associate

Adam is a highly successful and proven trainer, facilitator and coach with experience gaining results in a diverse range of sectors. Adam has designed and delivered bespoke training programmes internationally on effective communication and influencing, management and leadership, client development and presenting. Adam helps professionals to continually improve how they influence others and present themselves with appropriate levels of impact to gain results.

Adam has over 20 years experience as a People Development Consultant successfully helping individuals and teams communicate more effectively and achieve measurable improvements in performance. Adam's experience comes from working as part of new and established in-house Development Teams in sectors ranging from retail to insurance, finance, healthcare and legal services. Adam's extensive in-house experience is complimented by consultant trainer roles and degrees in Business Management and Adult Education.

When not helping his customers, Adam devotes his time to his passion for surfing, searching the cold waters of the UK and warmer waters of the rest of the world for perfect waves.

Adrian Preater

Creative Training Associate

Adrian formed Hotbuckle Productions Theatre Company in 2006. He has since written, adapted, directed and performed in all of Hotbuckle's shows to date. Adrian is an accomplished musician, composer and set designer who continues to work in TV and film as well as in live theatre settings. Throughout his career Adrian has been involved in supporting many corporate training programs, helping to challenge thinking and bring about change through role play, improvisation and discussion. Adrian trained at Bretton Hall and the Central School of Speech and Drama before appearing in such films as 'Gosford Park', 'Love Actually', Branagh's 'Magic Flute' and 'Enigma'. TV Credits include Eastenders, Touch of Frost and the Bill. Theatre companies he has worked for include Major Road, Oddsocks, London Bubble, Boxclever and Richmond's Orange Tree.